Mineral concession areas in Battambang province opened for metal mining exploration license application

On​ 21​ August​ 2017,​ Minister​ of​ Mines​ and​ Energy​ has​ signed​ a​ notice​ announcing​ the​ a​ mining​ concessions,​ located​ in​ the​ area​ of​ Tasanh​ and​ Kampong​ lapow​ communes,Samlot​ district,​ Battambang​ province,​ which​ has​ an​ area​ for​ metals​ exploration​ of​ 149​ square​ kilometers,​ opening​ for​ local​ and​ international​ mining​ companies​ that​ have​ registered​ in​ the​ Kingdom​ to​ apply​ for​ a​ mentals​ exploration​ license​ from​ the​ date​ of​ the​ notice​ until​ 29​ September​ 2017.​ For​ mining​ companies,​ which​ have​ been​ holding​ the​ mining​ license​ over​ than​ one,​ are​ ineligible​ to​ apply​ for​ a​ this​ license.​

Ministry of Mines and Energy

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