Exam cleaner, but students still seek to cheat

The Education Ministry’s bid to rid the grade 12 national exam of cheating and bribery was hailed a success after the first day of testing Monday, with officials reporting only a few attempted cheats and no corrupted proctors. … Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron, who spent the day touring Phnom Penh schools, said there was “very good discipline, no cheating.” “There was no reported cheating, only one attempt to bring a smartphone into the class and no papers brought into the class,” said Mr. Naron, who explained that he had received reports from “almost all” of the provinces. However, a perfect record was blemished, according to Mr. Naron, by three cases of imposters attempting to sit the exam in the place of the registered student—two in Kandal province and one in Svay Rieng province. …

Sek Odom and Matt Blomberg