Press Release: Outcomes of the 19th Government-Private Sector Forum on November 13, 2023, by the Cambodia Government Spokesperson Unit

On the morning of Monday, November 13, 2023, Samdech Moha Bovorthipadi Hun Manet, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, led the 19th Government-Private Sector Forum at the Peace Palace, Office of the Council of Ministers. The forum was attended by the management teams of the government and the private sector, totaling approximately 1,200 individuals from 14 diverse sectors. These sectors include: 1) Working Group on Agriculture and Agro-industry, 2) Working Group on Tourism, 3) Working Group on Manufacturing, SMEs, and Services, 4) Working Group on Legislation, Tax, and Governance, 5) Working Group on Banking and Financial Services, 6) Working Group on Logistics and Infrastructure, 7) Working Group on Goods Processed for Export and Trade Facilitation, 8) Working Group on Industrial Relations, 9) Working Group on Rice, 10) Working Group on Energy and Mineral Resources, 11) Working Group on Education, 12) Working Group on Health, 13) Working Group on Construction and Real Estate, and 14) Working Group on Non-bank Financial Services. The forum also welcomed representatives of foreign ambassadors to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodia Government Spokesperson Unit

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