Belarus eyes enhanced trade, investment ties with Cambodia

Belarus announced its firm stance to promote bilateral cooperation with Cambodia in trade, investment and tourism for mutual benefits, Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the Belarus Parliament, said Monday. … He expressed Belarus’s desire to operate a direct flight to Cambodia. … He suggested that the two countries create a joint Cambodian- Belarusian inter-governmental committee in order to facilitate every relation and negotiation. Later in the day, the two countries’ chambers of commerce inked a cooperation agreement. … Mikhail Myatlikov said Belarus is seeking Cambodian market for its main products including tractors, heavy machinery, and chemical fertilizers. In return, Belarus will purchase rice, rubber latex, garments, fish and tobacco from Cambodia. … During the stay, he is also scheduled to visit the on-going construction of a tractor assembly plant on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The plant is invested by Belarus-based Minsk Tractor Works, one of the world’s biggest tractor producers.