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Trade policy and regulation

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen were at the Aid for Trade Global Review 2019. Photo by World Trade Organization (WTO), taken on 03 July 2019. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.International trade plays an essential role in improving Cambodia’s growth, employment and business opportunities. Trade policy ...

Forest cover

Cambodian forest cover has reduced dramatically in recent decades. In 1973 there were 13.1 million hectares of total forest, but by 2014 the total cover had fallen to 8.7 million hectares. ...

Terms and definitions

Defining and measuring forests is not an easy business. Definitions that initially sound very similar can turn out to have crucial differences. Understanding the terms is important for understanding forest use, forest cover, forest laws and policies and deforestation. ...

Electricity production

In Cambodia, electricity demands have been forecast to grow at 17.9 percent annually from 2012 to 2020.35 Distribution of electricity around the country has been a challenge: according to UN data, 79 percent of people live in rural areas,36 and the entire national population had grown ...

Securities exchange (stock market)

Starting from 2001, work began on promoting the formation of a Cambodian Stock Exchange (CSE or CSX) as a means of supporting the economic system in Cambodia’s development. A stock exchange facilitates the buying and selling of stocks among investors. Dr. Bit Seanglim, Chairman of ...

ODC Resources at Work & Honorable Mentions

By making information accessible to anyone with an internet connection, ODC facilitates rational, fact‑based dialogue, improved communication, strengthened policy making, and better development planning across all sectors. The ODC website has been featured on Le Petit Journal, an online French newspaper, as a case of ...

BarCamp Sihanoukville 2013 Recap

On December 7th and 8th, a small team from ODC jumped in a bus and traveled to Kampong Som to participate in BarCamp Sihanoukville. The conference was held at Build Bright University. The day-and-a-half-long event featured presentations from specialists of many fields and interests, including ...

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