Maids unlikely to reach Malaysia before 2017

Recruiters say it could be 2017 by the time Cambodia starts sending maids to Malaysia through legal channels again, despite Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s public endorsement of a tentative deal last week. ...

Zsombor Peter

Embassy defends handling of maids

Cambodia’s embassy in Malaysia yesterday denied pressuring domestic workers from the Kingdom into renewing their visas, after rights groups told the Post last week that the embassy exploited a legal loophole to keep maids in the country. The statement came as a Malaysian employers association, which has observed the drafting ...

Sen David and Daniel Pye

Migrants told to get permits

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday called on all undocumented Cambodians in Thailand to register for a legal work permit at one of that country’s newly opened one-stop service centres. Thailand’s junta began piloting the latest temporary registration centres at the end of June and ...

Sen David

Raid on house finds 84 workers

Before dawn yesterday, Thai military officials raided a house not far from the border, finding dozens of undocumented Cambodian workers crammed into a room awaiting transportation deeper into the country. The 84 workers were woken, taken into military custody and deported, but the brokers who had ...

Cheang Sokha and Laignee Barron

Gov’t to meet recruitment firms over migrants

Labor Ministry officials are set to meet today with about 40 local recruitment agencies to talk about formalizing the procedure for sending migrant workers to Thailand, an agency director said. The meeting will focus on how the agencies can help migrants obtain work permits and other ...

Phorn Bopha

Tougher laws for recruiters

A new set of prakases tacked onto a law that regulates overseas employment recruitment agencies is a “step in the right direction” towards protecting some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable citizens from scams and abuse, local and international NGOs said yesterday. But some remain unconvinced that the ...

Sean Teehan

Migrant workers delayed

The Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies (ACRA) has delayed in sending 2,000 Cambodians to Qatar due to a lack of information about safety. The Ministry of Labour of Qatar has provided insufficient information regarding worker safety according to An Bunhak, the ACRA director. ACREA intends ...

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