Cambodia has over 100 river and sea ports

Cambodia has in total 105 ports, of which 78 are river ports located along the Mekong, Tonle Sap, Tonle Basac and in provinces, and 27 others are sea ports. ...

Khmer Times Staff

No fishing during fish spawning

The Kampong Cham province fishery community director Eng Nam has called on the fishing community not to fish during the spawning season which started last month until October. ...

Yin Soeum

Low water levels for Tonle Sap Lake hurt ecology and economy

The Mekong River Commission (MRC) said low dry season river flows has caused a decrease in water levels in the Tonle Sap Lake, and called on all Mekong countries to improve river management.   ...

Ry Sochan

Encroachment on Tonle Sap flooded forest land persists

Battambang provincial officials said land encroachment still occurred on thousands of hectares of flooded forest land bordering Tonle Sap Lake, and authorities lacked the resources to protect these areas.   ...

Nov Sivutha

Tonle Sap fish catch declines due to nature and human harm

The Tonle Sap, which contributed over half the fish produced in Cambodia, is now faced with a serious threat in fish catch due to loss of flooded forest, climate change, upstream dams and illegal fishing activities. ...

Mao Chanvireak

Cham struggle to build new lives after moving

The Cham families along the Tonle Sap in this area of Kandal have traditionally lived and worked on the river, some for more than five decades. But now they are building a village on land called “Islam Thmey”, or “New Islam”, to seek what they ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Minister: Stop illegal fishing or step down

Interior Minister Sar Kheng has publically warned government officials in the areas surrounding the Tonle Sap Lake that they will be fired if they continued to allow illegal fishing.Speaking at the closing ceremony of the “2016 Annual Working Results and the Direction of 2017” at ...

May Titthara

A watery problem and solution

According to a 2013 United Nations Environmental Protection report, a water hyacinth plant releases more than 3,000 seeds every year and, because its roots are floating, it does not need to be in shallow water to survive. Water hyacinth has moved rapidly across South America, ...

Khmer Time Stuff

Farmers and fishermen warily eye changes to climate

In the Kampong Phluk fishing village on the Tonle Sap lake, home to thousands of families in Siem Reap province, fishermen say their catch this year has been too poor to live on. Ning Ny, chief of Kampong Phluk commune, in Siem Reap, said almost ...

Sok Khemara

Net loss: fish stocks dwindle in Cambodia's Tonlé Sap lake

Despite the creation of a 200-hectare conservation area, fishing communities on south-east Asia’s largest freshwater lake fear their way of life is slipping away. ...

Sam Jones

More families to be evicted from floating river homes

Following the eviction earlier this month of about 1,000 mostly Vietnamese families living in floating homes in Kompong Chhnang City, provincial authorities now have plans to evict a further 1,500 mostly Cambodian families living further south on the river, officials said Sunday. ...

Ben Sokhean and Kang Sothear

Dams, climate change lead to fish decline in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap: Fishermen

The fish population in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap lake has declined significantly from a year ago, fishermen in the country’s Kampong Chhnang province said Friday, citing the construction of dams in the area and climate change, among other factors. ...

RFA Khmer News Staff

A fishy situation in Cambodia’s biggest lake

“Turn the lights off soon, or people will see us,” the young fisherman said in a muted voice that was barely audible, even in the pre-dawn quiet. The fact that fishermen are resorting to sneaking into the lake’s protected areas speaks of an alarming ...

News24 Staff

Cambodian officials encourage illegal fishing in exchange for bribes

Corrupt local officials who patrol the area around Cambodia’s Tonle Sap are encouraging illegal fishing in Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake, according to a nongovernmental organization worker. ...

Chin Chetha

Roads around Tonle Sap to be upgraded

The Ministry of Rural Development plans to pave 1,200 kilometres of dirt roads across nine provinces surrounding the Tonle Sap this year, in a $120 million bid to improve the lives of rural farmers and reduce migration.​ The roads are to connect rural areas to ...

Chan Muyhong

Foreigner census begins; official tours Vietnamese communities

The Interior Ministry’s general department of immigration began its “census” of ethnic Vietnamese people living in Cambodia on Sunday, with Sok Phal, the department chief, touring Pursat province villages along the Tonle Sap lake. Pursat provincial police chief Sarun Chanthy said that General Phal and a ...

Khy Sovuthy

Gov’t lifts farming ban on K Thom floodplains

The Council of Ministers has granted farmers in Kompong Thom province permission to start farming on the floodplains of the Tonle Sap lake in an area previously off limits and home to flooded forests that provide a critical fish breeding habitat. The Council of Ministers’ notice, ...

Khy Sovuthy

Officials protect private company’s machines

Chroy Changva district security guards Thursday stopped villagers from preventing a private company from pumping sand onto the wetlands behind their homes. The Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC) is building a $3-billion real estate project, known as “Chroy Changva City, City of the Future,” on the ...

Ben Sokhean

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