Australian government provides $10 million for Cambodia’s landmine clearing

Australian government provided $10 million for landmine clearing in the Kingdom. The aid was announced when new Australian Ambassador to Cambodia Pablo Chiho Kang today met with Foreign Affairs Minister Prak Sokhonn at the ministry. ...

Sun Mesa

Joint commitment toward mine-free Cambodia

Australia, the Cambodian Mine Action and Victims Assistance Authority and the UN development programme on Friday signed a joint statement reaffirming their ongoing commitment to working toward a mine-free Cambodia by 2025. ...

Poovenraj Kanagaraj

Australia gives $36m for health improvement

Australia and Cambodia have agreed to enhance cooperation in the health sector, with Australia pledging $36 million for health improvements in the Kingdom. The commitment was made on Monday at the Health Ministry in a meeting between Minister Mam Bun Heng and newly appointed Australian Ambassador ...

Ven Rathavong

In Cambodia, funding cuts put eye surgery program in peril

Some 100,000 prospective patients could lose opportunity for eye care due to Australia scaling back its foreign aid budget. But as Fred Hollows and other Australian NGOs brace themselves for the cuts, the Australian government is forging ahead with a $40 million scheme to relocate ...

UCA News Staff

Kem Sokha asks Australia to reconsider transfer of refugees to Cambodia

Kem Sokha, first vice president of the National Assembly and vice president of Cambodia National Rescue Party, has asked the Australian government to reconsider the transfer of refugees from Nauru to Cambodia. The request was made through a recent letter to Mrs. Alison Burrows, the Australian ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Cambodia will take in Australia's refugees on voluntary basis: PM

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Monday that the country will take in refugees from Australia on a voluntary basis, stressing that accepting asylum seekers is part of an international obligation for Cambodia. Hun Sen said a Cambodian working group will interview those refugees ...

Xinhuanet News Staff

Cambodia should not accept refugees from Australia: Sam Rainsy

Opposition party leader Sam Rainsy said that Cambodia should not have signed a deal with Australia to accept refugees to live in Cambodia. Cambodia should not have accepted the refugees from Australia because they are not goods for being exported or imported by any country, Sam ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Australia defends sending refugees to Cambodia

Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has defended the government’s plan to transfer refugees to Cambodia, saying the programme would start small but be a long-term arrangement. Under Canberra’s hardline immigration policy, asylum-seekers who arrive on boats are denied resettlement in Australia and sent to Papua New ...

RTÉ News Staff

Australians donate to school linked to sex abuse claims

Australians are among donors to a school charity in Cambodia where the director has been charged with arranging for foreign volunteers to sexually abuse teenage students. The scandal has focused new attention on the management of Cambodia’s orphanages and children’s charities and the deception used by ...

Lindsay Murdoch

Ministry of Labor knights Australian industrial commissioner

The Arbitration Council says the Ministry of Labor has knighted an Australian industrial commissioner for his long period of work as an honorary advisor to the council. In a statement posted on its website Friday, the council said Labour and Vocational Training Minister Ith Samheng awarded ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Cambodia will put refugees at risk: academics

Dangerous political instability in Cambodia could put asylum seekers at grave risk, a leading academic has warned, as Immigration Minister Scott Morrison gave his strongest indication yet that refugees may be resettled there. University of NSW emeritus professor Carl Thayer said he was shocked the government would ...

Sarah Whyte

Julie Bishop to meet with Sam Rainsy

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy will meet Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at the Australian Parliament on Wednesday, the Cambodia National Rescue Party announced yesterday. ...

Kevin Ponniah

Addicts’ lifeline to go

Every morning, right about 8am, Vuthy* starts to feel out of sorts. On the way from his home in Meanchey district to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, where he receives treatment, he breaks into a sweat. Vuthy is one of about 140 former heroin addicts who ...

Stuart White and Mom Kunthear

Cambodia's solar solution

Australia-based energy company Star8 officially launched operations on Friday at its solar-powered factory just outside of Phnom Penh. The ceremony marked the commencement of production on solar-powered tuk-tuks, the mainstay of the company. Hun Many, the youngest son of Premier Hun Sen, and Alison Burrows, the Australian ...

David Boyle and Koam Chanrasmey

Key donors endorse election

The governments of Australia and France have congratulated Prime Minister Hun Sen on his election victory, becoming the first key Western donors to do so since the official election results were released on September 8. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also offered his congratulations to Hun Sen ...

Kevin Ponniah

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