South China Morning Post

Influx of Chinese business travelers, investors to Cambodia drives construction boom

Cambodia’s economy has seen an influx of business investors from China, which has driven demand for housing and hospitality services in the Southeast Asian nation. Two million Chinese visited the country last year, an increase of around 67 per cent from 2017. They represented the ...

Martin Choi

China tips the scales away from the US in push for Cambodian influence

During what is the 60th year of bilateral ties between the two countries, China has ramped-up aid to Cambodia, pledging millions in military funding, infrastructure projects and election support. ...

Edouard Morton and Kinling Lo

Asian demand for cement destroys stunning cliffs in Cambodia – pulverised for their limestone

Across the continent, a construction boom is driving record demand for a core constituent of cement – limestone – resulting in the utter destruction of unique and fragile ecosystems. ...

Per Liljas

China pledges more investment in Cambodia, but is Phnom Penh selling itself short?

Li’s visit comes at a time when Cambodia’s government, under Prime Minister Hun Sen, is facing rising pressure from the United States and the European Union over its human rights record. Both have threatened sanctions in response to a ruling by the nation’s top court ...

Laura Zhou and Sarah Zheng

Cambodia made the right decision in South China Sea dispute

No one would regard a small country such as Cambodia to be a protagonist in an international affair. However, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link Cambodia is now being criticised for breaking Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) ...

South China Morning Post Team

Air rage: Three Chinese passengers thrown off aircraft in Cambodia after scuffle broke out over plane seat

Three Chinese air passengers were thrown off a flight in Cambodia after a scuffle broke out on board before the plane took off, according to a newspaper report. ...

Jun Mai

Chinese state-run hydropower companies fall short on green promises

China’s state-owned dam builders are failing to keep their promises to protect the planet when developing hydropower projects abroad – increasing the threat of environmental and social problems, according to a new study by green group International Rivers. ...

Li Jing

The Asian University for Women readies students for leadership roles

Nobel Peace laureate and education activist Malala Yousafzai was barely of school age in 2001 when Kamal Ahmad came up with the idea of establishing a tertiary institution for women in Asia. The university hosts about 600 students from 15 countries, compared with 120 in ...

Linda Yeung

At 75, even jail can't keep Mommy from Cambodia's land-rights fight

Street vendor-turned-rights activist Nget Khun, known locally as “Mommy”, is a leading figure in Cambodians’ fight against forced evictions. And at 75, she’s just been jailed for a year. Other activists say the sentencing of Mommy and other women from her Boeung Kak Lake community ...

South China Morning Post News Staff

Former Cambodia governor jailed in absentia for shooting three factory workers

A Cambodian court sentenced a former governor in absentia to 18 months in prison for shooting three female workers at a factory supplying sportswear giant Puma, a judge said yesterday. The women, employees of Puma supplier Kaoway Sports, were wounded when someone opened fire on protesters ...

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