World Vision Cambodia aid over 4.5M vulnerable people

World Vision Cambodia (WVC) has extended a helping hand to more than 4.5 million vulnerable individuals, with a major focus on the country’s youth. In light of these achievements, the organisation has announced a strategic five-year plan to ensure sustainable wellbeing for an additional five ...

Long Kimmarita

World Vision Cambodia launches '10,000 Books' campaign for child literacy

World Vision International (Cambodia) has launched a “10,000 Books” campaign for children by calling for public participation to jointly promote reading culture and raise funds to help children in remote areas understand that reading is essential for them. ...

Long Kimmarita

World Vision has set up a mobile library and boosted the reading habits of more than 110,000 children during school closures due to the spread of Covid-19 disease

World Vision Cambodia established a mobile library and promoted the reading habits of more than 110,000 children during the time when schools have been closed due to the spread of Covid-19 in Cambodia. ...

Lay Samean

Clean water supplied to 20,000 in Kampong Chhnang, says NGO

World Vision Cambodia has spent more than $3 million over 18 years to educate people in the use of clean water and nutrition for children in Kampong Chhnang province’s Cholkiri district, benefitting nearly 20,000 local people. ...

Lay Samean

World Vision mission benefits 18,890 villagers

Some 18,890 people in Kampong Chhnang province’s Cholkiri district have benefited immensely from the World Vision Cambodia’s 18-year mission to provide development and improvement in the areas of health, nutrition, poverty, education, and child protection. ...

Sen David

MoU inked on better service delivery

NGOs and government officials said Cambodians, especially poor people in rural areas, are now more informed about their right to receive public services, and that public service agents are friendlier and performing better than previously. ...

Long Kimmarita

One child still in hospital due to tainted sandwiches

Only one child remained hospitalized Wednesday after a group of about 800 people fell ill from food poisoning caused by tainted sandwiches served at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province on Saturday, a spokesman for the NGO said.​ ...

Maria Paula Brito

Thirty-six still ill after eating tainted sandwiches

Thirty-six villagers remained hospitalized Monday afternoon after about 800 fell ill on Saturday from eating tainted sandwiches distributed at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province’s Chi Kreng district, officials said. ...

Mech Dara and Maria Paula Brito

Villagers in Cambodia taught to fight back against land grabs

The barren land near Cambodian villager Ren Meas’ home used to yield cashew nut and root vegetable crops. Now the vast expanse lies bare and dry, levelled by bulldozers and set to become yet another rubber tree plantation. Australians are helping to combat the so-called land ...

Lauren Novak

Increase in Cambodian tourism leads to growing importance of child safe tourism

In 2013, Cambodia welcomed 4.2 million tourists, an increase of 17% from the previous year. This rapid growth of tourist arrivals is expected to continue year on year, raising concerns about how to ensure that local children are only positively impacted by tourism. Tourism destinations attract ...

eTN Global Travel Industry News Staff

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