Drought affects 185,451 hectares of paddy fields in Cambodia

Persisting dry conditions have affected rice seedling in about 185,451 hectares of paddy rice in Cambodia, Khmer Times quoted a report by the Agriculture Minister. ... ...

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China holds $300 million in loan to Cambodia rice project

The government of China has put on hold a $300 million loan to a Cambodian rice project, aimed at developing storage and warehousing facilities in the country, as the government of Cambodia has not been able to meet the criteria set by the Chinese authorities, ...

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Cambodian Commerce Ministry to invest $450,000 in rice sector to boost exports

Cambodia's Commerce Ministry has agreed to invest $450,000 as a one time seed capital in the country's rice sector to help boost exports, local sources quoted an official from the Cambodian Rice Federation (CRF). ... ...

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Cambodia may lose EU market share if EU-Vietnam bilateral FTA materializes, say experts

Cambodian rice exporters are worried of losing market share in the European Union (EU) market if the EU-Vietnam Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (EU-V BFTA) is finalized, according to local sources. ... ...

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Drought-inducing El Nino won't affect Cambodia rice production, say officials

Cambodia is less likely to be affected by the El Nino weather pattern and the country is expected to receive rainfall this week, the local sources quoted the spokesman of the Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology. ... ...

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Cambodia rice exports increase sharply in first half of 2015 driven by Chinese and European demand

Cambodia has exported around 283,825 tons of milled rice in the first six months of 2015, up about 60% from around 177,928 tons exported during the same period last year, Phnom Penh Post quoted data from Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice Export Formality. ...

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Inadequate infrastructure, less financing options and labor migration undermining Cambodia's rice export capacity, say experts

Inadequate milling and storage facilities; meager financing options and consequent bankruptcies among small farmers; as well as recent migration of a number of male farmers to Thailand are all undermining Cambodia's capacity to increase its exports, local sources quoted experts as saying. ... ...

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Philippines re-invites bids for 100,000 tons of rice import

The National Food Authority (NFA) of the Philippines has re-invited bids for the remaining 100,000 tons from the June 5 tender, BusinessworldOnline quoted Reuters. The NFA has reportedly invited governments of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, with which the Philippines has bilateral agreements, to send their bids ...

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Myanmar poses threat to Cambodian rice exports to European Union, say exporters

Cambodian rice exporters are expressing concern that the country's rice exports to the European Union (EU) under the Everything But Arms (EBA) agreement have been facing a stiff competition from Myanmar, which also exports rice to the EU under the EBA agreement, according to local ...

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Oryza March 2015 rice market review

The Oryza White Rice Index (WRI), a weighted average of global white rice export quotes, ended the month of March at about $413 per ton, down about $7 per ton from a month ago and down about $41 per ton from a year ago. Global ...

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Government of Cambodia seeks double rice exports to China in 2015-16

The government of Cambodia is planning to double rice exports to China in 2015-16 (May-April) to around 200,000 tons, local sources quoted the Ministry of Commerce spokesman as saying. ... ...

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Cambodia exports 149,464 tons of rice in January-March 2015; up 77% from last year

Cambodia exported around 149,464 tons of rice the first three months of 2015, up about 77% from around 84,331 tons exported during the same period in 2014, according to data from the Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice Export Formality (SOWS-REF). Cambodia exported 387,061 ...

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Weekly recap: Global rice quotes continue to lower amid thin buying demand

The Oryza White Rice Index (WRI), a weighted average of global white rice export quotes, ended the week at about $411 per ton, down about $4 ton from a week ago, down about $8 per ton from a month ago and down about $42 per ...

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Cambodia exporters target to double fragrant organic rice exports in 2015

Currentlt, CEDAC exports fragrant organic rice to the U.S. and Hong Kong. But is exploring export opportunities to Arab countries as well. According to the CEDAC's organic rice Export Officer, though the price of organic rice is higher, prices are much stable in the international ...

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Cambodia Rice Federation seeks to raise development fund from exporters

Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) has approved to raise the requisite funding for rice sector development through the export fees paid by the rice exporters, according to local sources. ... The fund will be reportedly used for educating rice farmers about potential crop issues through television and ...

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Cambodia exports 387,100 tons of rice in 2014; up 2% from previous year

Cambodia has exported about 387,100 tons of rice in 2014, up about 2% from around 378,856 tons exported in 2013, according to local sources. About 62% of rice exports were destined to Europe, according to sources at the Ministry of Agriculture. ... ...

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Cambodia can gain a decent share in Chinese rice import market, say experts

A U.S. based agriculture consultancy firm has urged Cambodia rice exporters to focus on promoting their exports to the Chinese market as it has a huge untapped potential for more imports in the future, according to local sources. ... ...

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Cambodia exports 233,859 tons of rice in january-august 2014; down about 1% from last year

Cambodia exported about 233,859 tons of rice in January-August 2014, down about 1.2% from about 236,728 tons rice exported in the same period last year, according to data from the Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice Export Formality (SOWS-REF). Cambodia exported about 379,856 tons rice in all ...

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Cambodia launches first large-scale paddy rice bank

Cambodia has launched its first large-scale paddy rice bank to ensure uninterrupted supplies to millers and exporters, according to local sources. Thaneakea Srov (Kampuchea) Plc is the rice bank that aims at supporting the local rice industry by way of purchasing, storing and drying rice, as well as ...

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Cambodia rice exporters hope to clinch philippines rice import deal

Cambodian rice exporters are keen on winning the Philippines government's latest rice import tender for 500,000 tons of 25% broken white rice slated for August 27, 2014, according to local sources. ... ...

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Cambodia exports 177,928 tons of rice in January-June, 2014; up 1% from last year

Cambodia exported about 177,928 tons of rice in first half of calendar year 2014, up about 1% from about 175,959 tons rice exported in the same period last year, according to data from the Secretariat of One Window Service of Rice Export Formality (SOWS-REF). ... ...

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Cambodia fears tough competition for long-grain rice exports from India

Cambodia rice exporters are fearing that the Indian government's decision to release 5 million tons of rice in the open market to control price hikes may have a spill over effect on global rice exports, according to local sources. ... ...

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FAO Estimates Cambodia 2014 Rice Exports to Increase Slightly to 1.2 Million Tons

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated Cambodia's 2014 rice exports to increase slightly to 1.2 million tons over that in 2013 due to increased production. The FAO reports that its exports estimate includes unofficial exports of milled as well as paddy rice ...

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New chairman of the Cambodia Rice Federation viewed with suspicion by local media; agenda will focus on raising rice quality, lower borrowing rates

The newly-formed Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), a body that aims to unite the rice sector under one representative body in the country, just elected its first chairman and he happens to be the son of Cambodia’s deputy prime minister. He is also the CEO of ...

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