APSARA National Authority building capacity of archaeological officers

The APSARA National Authority launched a three-day training course on “Archaeological Research Skills” to strengthen the capacity of its officers, staff, and workers to be proficient in researching methods to prepare and store evidence from excavations effectively and safely, in Siem Reap provincial city on ...

Khmer Times Staff

Monkeys in Angkor posing a risk to tourists

The number of monkeys living in Angkor resort area has increased and are becoming a risk to tourists. According to APSARA National Authority, the monkeys no longer enter the forest in search of food but instead wait for food from humans and sometimes snatch food ...

Khmer Times Staff

Restoration work of West Top Temple to complete soon

APSARA National Authority in collaboration with the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties of Japan is working to complete the restoration of the central tower of the West Top Temple in the next four to five months, announced the authority’s news release yesterday morning. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Restoration work on Angkor Thom’s Takav Gate completed

The restoration work on the Takav Gate in the western part of Angkor Thom temple in the famed Angkor Archeological Park in northwest Cambodia’s Siem Reap province has been 100 percent completed, the Apsara National Authority (ANA) said in a news release on Wednesday. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Restoration of Banteay Samre Temple’s terrace starts

The APSARA National Authority, in collaboration with the GIZ of Germany, has kick-started the restoration of the terrace of the Banteay Samre Temple in Siem Reap province. ...

Khmer Times Staff

APSARA National Authority organizes new walkways for tourists to visit Angkor Wat

Since November 2022, the APSARA National Authority has started the process of organizing the walkways at Angkor Wat to reduce the erosion of the stones and better control the flow of tourists visiting the temple. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Collections of Khmer silk weaving to be on display at MGC Asian Traditional Textiles Museum

The MGC Museum of Asian Traditional Textiles is set to exhibit eleven Cambodian silk products, including four silk towels, five silk sampots, and two silk ceilings donated by the Khmer Traditional Textile Institute, in mid-February 2023, the APSARA National Authority. ...

Khmer Times Staff

MGC Museum’s staff trained in silk weaving at IKTT Centre in Angkor

A key partnership was established between UNESCO and the APSARA National Authority in August 2022 for the implementation of the project “Promoting sustainable tourism and private sector engagement for inclusive community development in response to the COVID-19 crisis”, with the financial support of the German ...

Khmer Times Staff

APSARA Authority to launch boat tour and cycling circuit of “Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community”

APSARA National Authority is working to launch a boat tour in the Jayatataka Baray (North Baray or Neak Poan Baray) and a cycling circuit of the “Jayatataka Baray Tourism Community” which have been consulted recently with the private sector and stakeholders. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Second restoration phase of ancient hall at Reach Bo Pagoda kicks off

The Reach Bo pagoda’s ancient hall has received the second restoration phase under technical assistance and financial support from the APSARA National Authority. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Restoration project of Central Terrace of Angkor Wat’s Causeway about 75 percent complete

The restoration project of a central terrace of Angkor Wat’s causeway, under the cooperation between the APSARA National Authority and Japan’s Sofia University, is now about 75 percent complete, said the APSARA National Authority in a news release this morning. ...

Second phase of Ta Ong bridge restoration completed

The restoration team of the APSARA National Authority has successfully completed the second phase of the Ta Ong Bridge restoration project despite some obstacles during the three months (March to June 2022) of work, said the authority in a news release this afternoon. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Non-timber forest products in Angkor Park provide lifeline to Angkor villagers

Willughbeia edulis, Korlan, Burmese grape, and some wild fruits have already started to be harvested from the forest in Angkor Park, providing additional income for local people, said the APSARA National Authority. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Cambodia restoring three more Buddha statues at Bakan tower

Cambodia’s Apsara National Authority (ANA) is restoring another three Buddha statues at Bakan tower of the famed Angkor Wat in the northwestern Siem Reap Province after the previous one was restored, the authority said. ...

Khmer Times Staff

ANA promotes planting of trees, donates 100K saplings

Every year, the Apsara National Authority (ANA), a state body tasked with managing the Angkor Archaeological Park, gives away more than 100,000 tree saplings to encourage the growth of forest cover in Cambodia, especially in the Angkor area, and has requested members of the public ...

Voun Dara

Apsara Authority publishes Angkor journal Preah Nokor

The Apsara National Authority (ANA) has released a journal entitled Preah Nokor – a compilation of research carried out in the Angkor Park area and is intended to be a storehouse of knowledge that Cambodians studying Angkor can draw on. ...

Long Kimmarita

Jica seeks to turn PP, towns into smart cities

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (Jica) representatives have sought support from Siem Reap’s Apsara National Authority (ANA) to transform the ancient capital into a smart city. The call was made in February last year after the government approved three cities to join the Asean Smart Cities ...

May Kunmakara

Apsara raises concerns over illegal construction in Angkor

The Apsara National Authority expressed concern over illegally built structures along Siem Reap’s Angkor resort area. Apsara National Authority spokesman Long Kosal told The Post on Monday that many residents of the Angkor resort area, who had requested building permits from the Apsara National Authority, ...

Long Kimmarita

Angkor’s Management Plan to Be Overhauled

Cambodia’s Apsara National Authority, which manages Angkor Archaeological Park, will this week unveil a “revolutionary” new concept for Angkor’s management that will vastly decentralize responsibility for the preservation of the temple complex, according to Anne Lemaistre, Unesco representative in Cambodia. The new Angkor Heritage Management Framework, ...

Michelle Vachon

Aspara studying ticket cost

Ticket prices for Angkor Wat will increase after a feasibility study is conducted by tourism experts, according to an official from the Apsara National Authority, the state-run body charged with maintaining the archaeological park. The experts were determining how feasible increasing entrance fees for Cambodia’s UNESCO ...

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