Rent reductions increasingly possible for smaller firms

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have taken a slight upper hand in the negotiation of commercial rental prices across the Kingdom as COVID-19 is still hindering the property sector. ... ...

Jason Boken

Tourism numbers give boost to Sihanoukville property prices

Property has seen a boost in Sihanoukville city in the first quarter of this year, underpinned by increased tourist numbers year-on-year. Cheng Kheng, director of CPL Real Estate Company and president of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association, said the outlook on property in Sihanoukville ...

Sum Manet

Private residential property in Cambodia attracting foreign investors

Private residential property in Cambodia is being seen by some investors as relatively cheap, with potential for attractive returns. Industry players believe these factors are the main draw for foreign buyers, looking to grow their money in Cambodia. Keuk Narin, vice president of Asia Real Estate Cambodia ...

Foreigners buying Phnom Penh condos

The number of foreigners who bought condos in Cambodia increased by between 30 and 40 per cent in 2012 compared with 2011, a recent study showed, while 997 condo units currently belong to foreigners. Nuon Rithy, general manager of the Bonna Realty Group, said that according ...

Capital ideas for developers

Peering out over the Tonle Sap River in Phnom Penh from a sixteenth-storey private balcony at the new Bellevue Apartments, one could watch for hours as cranes swing back in forth over all the new developments on the west side of the water. ... “Phnom ...

Real Estate Mondays launches

A group of local property agents has initiated a monthly gathering for real estate professionals and those interested in the industry to meet and share business ideas and industry insights. The first of the monthly gatherings, known as Real Estate Monday, was held this week at ...

Rise of housing loans

Although costs can be high for borrowing and it can be difficult to pay regularly every month, the trend of borrowing from banks by Cambodian people to buy property is still steadily increasing, according to experts. Keuk Narin, vice president of Asia Real Estate Cambodia, said ...

National Road 3 prices flat

The sale and purchase of land along National Road 3 is increasing in volume but land prices are not increasing significantly despite the road being completed, and despite the many industrial zones along it. ... Based on his company’s research in the second quarter of this year, ...

Buying property by installment on the increase

The market for Khmer home-buyers purchasing property by installments is booming, according to experts. Keuk Narin, vice president of Asia Real Estate Cambodia, said the concept of buying homes by installments in Cambodia is very attractive to those whom want to buy a house. Almost all housing projects that offer installment purchases see good business, ...

Phnom Penh Land Prices Slow Growth

Property prices in Phnom Penh increased by about 15 percent at the end of June compared to the same period in 2011 , according to data released yesterday by local realty firm Asia Real Estate Cambodia (ARC). The average price of commercial property in Phnom Penh ...

Number of Condominiums Grows in Phnom Penh

The number of condominiums in Phnom Penh has increased 22 percent to 2,578 units since the beginning of the year, according to data released yesterday by Asia Real Estate Cambodia. The firm said that the majority of the new units came from the completion of 10 ...

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