PM: Do not overload clinics trying to get rabies vaccine

Prime Minister Hun Sen advised people on Monday not to be irrationally afraid of rabies to the extent of flocking to get vaccinated against the disease, and rendering institutions unable to provide timely services. The prime minister’s call came during the 7th National Clean City ...

Long Kimmarita

Cambodian lab first to receive quality award

The Medical Laboratory of the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia has become the first medical laboratory in the Kingdom to be awarded ISO 15189 accreditation, following a six-year quality improvement initiative to meet international standards, laboratory deputy director Cheng Sokleaph said on Thursday. ...

Voun Dara

WHO tests new malaria therapy

High failure rates of the frontline medication to treat malaria in Southern Vietnam have revived concerns that parasites resistant to multiple drugs, first observed in Cambodia’s Pailin province, may be spreading. Meanwhile, experts in the Kingdom are currently testing alternative treatment options to stay ahead ...

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

As its rabies plan lags, Cambodia feels the bite

Despite killing some 800 people in the Kingdom each year, rabies has been largely off the public health radar. Plans are in the works for a nationwide response, but can funding catch up? ...

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon and Sonen Soth

Cambodia at ‘high’ risk of Zika outbreak in 2017

Amid reports of the emergence of the Zika virus in Myanmar and the discovery of the first birth defect believed linked to the virus in Vietnam, two researchers with Phnom Penh’s Pasteur Institute have concluded that Cambodia is at high risk of its own Zika ...

Yesenia Amaro

Deadly rabies virus gets overdue attention

It kills more Cambodians every year than malaria. More than dengue fever. It’s 100 percent preventable, but very little has been done to eradicate it. This year, Cambodia is finally taking on rabies—a killer virus most often transmitted to people through the saliva of biting dogs. A ...

Chhorn Phearun and Michael Dickison

Disease-carrying bats to be tracked

Scientists are attaching tracking devices to a colony of flying foxes near Phnom Penh in a bid to prevent a possible outbreak of a deadly virus. ...

Brent Crane

Study shows dengue can be spread back to mosquitoes

A groundbreaking new study on human transmission of the dengue virus conducted in Kompong Cham province has shown that the virus can be spread back to mosquitoes by asymptomatic carriers, who are actually more infectious than those displaying symptoms. ...

Peter Ford

New malaria strain raises problems, fears

Physicians are scrambling to update treatments to combat the growing threat caused by a new strain of malaria that is unique to Cambodia and resistant to the drug that dictates whether patients are ultimately cured. ...

Sarah Taguiam

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