Final appeal of Boeng Kak activists rejected

The legal battle of 13 land rights activists from Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood ended on Wednesday with the Supreme Court upholding their conviction for aggravated obstruction of public officials and illegal occupation. ...

Khuon Narim

Four years for lakeside

About 40 members of the Boeung Kak community gathered yesterday to mark the fourth anniversary of a landmark government regulation that provided land to some of those dispossessed by the lake’s filling but left many others out. ...

Khouth Sophak Chakrya

Land rights protesters arrested

Six activists from Phnom Penh’s Borei Keila and Boeung Kak communities were arrested on Saturday morning while handing out leaflets denouncing the controversial NGO law, passed by the National Assembly last week. ...

Khouth Sophak Chakrya

Boeng Kak protesters curse ex-city governor

More than 30 former residents of Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak community protested outside the National Assembly on Thursday, calling for CPP lawmaker Kep Chuktema to be removed from his post for the suffering he caused thousands of families during a decade as municipal governor. ...

Khy Sovuthy

Boeng Kak families accept swap to end land disputes

At least 16 more families that have been locked in a bitter and lengthy dispute with the municipal government over land in Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood accepted municipal governor Pa Socheatvong’s offer of a land swap Thursday morning. ...

Mech Dara

‘Same faces’ protest against PM’s comments

Incensed by the prime minister’s assertion last week that the “same faces” always show up at protests, a group of Phnom Penh’s most prominent anti-eviction activists picketed City Hall on Monday to vent their anger. ...

Mech Dara

Rights groups ask World Bank to hold meeting with evictees

Rights groups have asked the World Bank to schedule a “special meeting” with evictees before deciding whether to lift a freeze on new loans to Cambodia, and to hold it in Thailand so that participants can speak their minds without fear of reprisal from the ...

Zsombor Peter

Rights groups ask World Bank to hold meeting with evictees

Rights groups have asked the World Bank to schedule a “special meeting” with evictees before deciding whether to lift a freeze on new loans to Cambodia, and to hold it in Thailand so that participants can speak their minds without fear of reprisal from the ...

Zsombor Peter

Evictees demand land within their communities

About 50 protesters, mainly from Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak and Borei Keila communities, demonstrated Wednesday morning outside City Hall to demand that governor Pa Socheatvong help them stay within their eviction-hit communities. ...

Mech Dara and Khy Sovuthy

Appeal Court upholds controversial convictions

The Court of Appeal on Monday upheld the protest-related convictions handed down to 11 activists in November, but reduced the prison sentences of all but the most high-profile members of the group. Seven of the defendants were arrested in mid-November for blocking traffic during a ...

Mech Dara

Boeung Kak activists’ release sought

As 10 land-rights activists and a monk prepare to take their appeal against one-year prison terms to the Appeal Court today, rights groups yesterday called for an end to government influence over the judiciary. “It’s time for Cambodia’s courts to act professionally and independently from the ...

Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Shane Worrell

Peaceful protest turned away from Freedom Park

Some 50 Daun Penh district security guards and about as many riot police prevented 100 anti-eviction protesters from gathering at Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park on Tuesday after the city deemed the gathering illegal. The protesters were from a number of eviction-hit communities, including the Boeng Kak ...

Mech Dara

City Hall turns away anti-eviction protesters

The Phnom Penh municipal government on Monday rejected a request from protesters to stage a one-month demonstration in the city’s Freedom Park for the release of 10 jailed activists and refused to receive their latest petition demanding a solution to their long-running land disputes. About 100 ...

Ben Sokhean

US mayor wants government to release activists

The mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts—which has the second-largest population of Cambodian-Americans in the U.S.—on Friday visited 10 anti-eviction activists inside Phnom Penh’s Prey Sar prison, emerging to announce that he would lobby the government for their release. Wrapping up a five-day visit to Phnom Penh, Rodney ...

Khuon Narim and Holly Robertson

SUVs Block Pagoda to Keep Out Monks on Peace March

Harassment of monks and their supporters, who are marching to Phnom Penh to participate in International Human Rights Day rallies in the capital, continued Friday when three suburban utility vehicles were used to block the entrance to a pagoda in Kompong Speu province where marchers ...

Khy Sovuthy

Protesters Seek EU, World Bank Presence at Yorm Bopha Hearing

Some 50 representatives of Phnom Penh’s embattled Boeng Kak community on Monday marched to the offices of the European Union and World Bank to request that the international bodies send observers to the upcoming Supreme Court hearing of anti-eviction activist Yorm Bopha on November 22. Ms. ...

Khy Sovuthy and Ben Woods

Clashes renewed at cordon

Frustrated Boeung Kak and Borei Keila community members flooded past a Daun Penh road barrier yesterday after attempting to lodge complaints with district authorities in connection with Sunday’s violence at Wat Phnom. On Sunday night, a brutal raid on a peaceful vigil of about 20 protesters ...

Phak Seangly

Before Obama visit, Cambodians clear streets -- or take to them

As Barack Obama prepares for the first visit by a United States president to Cambodia this month, the country is reportedly preparing for him too — by hiding street children from sight in Phnom Penh While the government has tidied its streets, protesters have begun camping ...

http://By Emily Alpert

Stirrings from B Kak developer

After months of inactivity that has fueled questions about the company’s future, Boeung Kak lake developer Shukaku Inc has launched a recruitment drive, calling for at least half a dozen architects, engineers and other employees. When contacted yesterday, Sok Heng Ly, an administrative employee listed in the ...

Boeng Kak Women Attempt to Meet US Official

Siem Reap City – Four women evicted from the Boeng Kak lake community and released from jail last month arrived here Friday in an attempt to meet Melanne Verveer, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for women’s affairs, who is part of a delegation visiting the country with ...

Released Boeng Kak Women Back to Old Ways

Less than two weeks after being released from prison, the 13 women convicted in May for protesting evictions at Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak community staged their first public action yesterday. The women, joined by about as many neighbors, submitted petitions to the Australian, French, U.K. and ...

Protesters Call For Release of Boeng Kak 15

About 100 residents from Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak community rallied in front of the National Assembly yesterday to demand the release of 13 women sentenced to jail last week and two others now in pretrial detention for opposing evictions resulting from a real estate project ...

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