Civil servants' union dilemma

The American Center for International Labor Solidarity has set its sights on the Herculean task of unionizing Cambodia’s civil service, a move that, were it successful, could have profound implications for the country’s political landscape. The term civil service in Cambodia has unusually broad application, referring to bureaucrats, ...

Gov't and Donors Set New Reform Targets

The new list of reforms approved by the government at a high-level meeting with its foreign donors on Wednesday offer a mixed bag of targets, with some sectors, such as education, given more ambitious goals than before, while others had their ambitions scaled back and old goals ...

NGOs Discuss Reforms Ahead of Donor Meeting

At a meeting in Phnom enh to prepare for today’s high-level donor Government-Development Partner Coordinating Committee (GDCC) forum, dozens of mostly local NGOs agreed on their own list of broad reform suggestions for the government. But land disputes took center stage. Today’s GDCC meeting, which the ...

Democracy on the decline: think tank

Cambodia ranks among the lowest in the region on its ability to reform; corruption, political stasis and a rapidly widening income gap are hindering its progress, according to a recent survey of the country’s democratic institutions. Transformation Index, which every two years ranks countries considered ...

Long-Delayed Donor Meeting Set for Wednesday

The government and its foreign donors are preparing for their next high-level aid meeting Wednesday, their first sine the government surprised donors in August 2011 by indefinitely suspending the meetings, citing the global financial crisis. However, officials at the Finance Ministry and the Council for the ...

A Year on, No Sign of Donor Forum Meeting

Exactly one year after the Finance Ministry indefinitely postponed its last top-level meeting with the international aid donors, there is still no sign that the government is ready to set a new date to engage face-to-face with the country’s development partners. The forum is held once ...

Growth Of Telephone Sub-Scribers Benefit From Population's Income

After reforms instituted in 2011, the price of international phone calls dropped subsequently. In 2011, the price cost fell from 2.76 cent in 1997 to 0.25 cent per minute for mobile phone and desk phone cost about 2.56 cent in 1997 to 0.25 cent in 2010, and 2011 respectively, the report from the ...

Hun Sen calls for reform of global financial architecture

  Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen told the Group of 20 summit in Mexico that international financial architecture could not be sustained without reforms, sources said. Speaking in his capacity as Asean chairman, Hun Sen said the association supported any measures to reinforce financial stability ...

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