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WCS helps conserve Kampong Thom birds

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has urged the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to expedite their work in support of a joint project to develop the Kampong Thom province Stung Chinit Irrigation system and conserve local endangered species. ...

Nov Sivutha

Endangered species on display

Nine photographs of rare Cambodian animals are being displayed at the Ministry of Environment, urging the public to participate in preserving critically endangered species. ...

Zahron Sokry

Facing Chinese Dam, Monks Fight for Temple

Monks residing in Koh Kong’s remote Areng Valley have begun raising funds online to renovate their local temple, despite plans in store for a large Chinese backed hydropower dam that would leave the site completely inundated. The 108-MW hydropower dam, to be built by ...

Kuch Naren and Kene-Hern Chen

Climate change threatens Asian birds

Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are among the six countries whose bird species will suffer, in the future, from the effects of climate change, according to a research conducted by two British scientist institutions. The document, published by Global Biological Change magazine, assesses a future distribution ...

Fight to Save Mekong Dolphin Makes Enemies

Sitting at his outpost overlooking the Mekong River, Deab Kuy remembers an incident some years ago when fishermen threatened to attack him if they were stopped from casting their nets around the river’s sandy islets here in Sambok commune. The outpost, little more than a wooden house on ...

Kratie meet pushes dolphin protection

Residents of Kratie province had an education in conservation yesterday as the government and outside partners reiterated a September sub-decree banning gill nets on a sizable stretch of the Mekong in a bid to protect the badly endangered Mekong River dolphin. Touch Seang Tana, head of the Commission ...

Bokor development harms biodiversity

Two studies have found that development on Bokor Mountain in Kampot province is threatening some of the area’s plant and animal species. The Sokimex Group has been granted development rights for the entire mountain and in May, the first of three hotels to be built ...

Dolphin drawcard

In an effort to boost tourist numbers, the Ministry of Tourism will host an eco-tourism seminar in the northeastern provinces to showcase its main attraction, the Irrawaddy dolphins of the Mekong River. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, said last week that officials attempted to hold the eco-tourism seminar ...

Luxury Hotel Resort Threatens Bokor Mountain's Biodiversity

An ongoing project to build hotels, luxury villas and a casino on Kampot province’s Bokor Mountain is a threat to the area’s unique animal and plant species, according to two new studies. Local conglomerate Sokimex Group has been granted property development rights on the entire mountain, ...

Spike in Mekong River Fishing Could Harm Dolphins

There has been an ioncrease in fishing activity in the dolphin conservation zones along the Mekong River in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces, putting pressure on the critically endangered Mekong dolphin population, the chairman of the Commission for Mekong River Dolphin Conservation and Eco-tourism Development said yesterday. Touch ...

PM gives pro-dolphin decree

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday approved a new sub-decree geared toward increased protection of the endangered Mekong river dolphin through a series of fishing and motorised transport restrictions in the Mekong river in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces. The Council of Minister’s sub-decree, obtained on ...

Measures outlined to save the endangered Mekong dolphin

Officials and environmentalists yesterday agreed to draw up new measures to save the endangered Mekong dolphin and find more information on why the species is disappearing. At the end of a three-day workshop in Kratie province, officials and representatives from the World Wildlife Fund signed a ...

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