Unlicensed doctors ordered to cease operations in Battambang

Battambang provincial authorities have ordered nine unlicensed doctors to shut down their home-care practices in the province, including six in Sangke district’s Roka commune, where more than 230 residents have tested positive for HIV over the past three months. ...

Khy Sovuthy

The rising global health crisis no one is talking about

Motorcycle fatalities are claiming the lives of a third of people in Asia–but governments don’t seem to notice. In Cambodia, HIV/AIDS-related deaths equate to 2,300 per year, and the government allocates $58 million to combat the disease—but 2,000 deaths are caused by highway fatalities, with ...

Michelle Bergmann

HIV patients in Cambodia’s Roka commune suffer thefts, fault police inaction

Villagers in remote western Cambodia who were infected with HIV/AIDS by an unauthorized medical worker have been hit by a wave of thefts of cows and other property, and some local residents say they police have been indifferent to their plight. ...

Hum Chamrouen

Infant becomes latest person to die in Cambodia’s mass HIV infection

A seven-month-old girl is the latest victim of Cambodia’s mass HIV infections in a remote western commune where an unauthorized medical worker reused syringes. The infant was the first to die of 16 members from an extended family of 50 who contracted the deadly virus that ...

Hum Chamroeun

Promises made to HIV village

Health Minister Mam Bunheng announced yesterday he has proposed that a reserve budget be used to help victims of the mass HIV outbreak in Battambang province’s Roka village, as he vowed to strengthen health services across the country. Speaking at a press conference following questioning by ...

Taing Vida

Health Minister vows to rid Cambodia of unlicensed medical clinics

Cambodia’s Minister of Health on Tuesday vowed to eliminate the country’s unlicensed medical clinics and hire more health care providers, after an unauthorized medical worker who admitted to reusing syringes was linked to a mass HIV infection in a remote western village. ...

Prach Chiv

Minister to be questioned over HIV outbreak

Health Minister Mam Bunheng has been summoned for questioning next week by the National Assembly’s health commission over the outbreak of HIV among villagers in Battambang province’s Ro­ka commune, the commission’s secretary-general said Friday. ...

Khy Sovuthy

Family of Battambang doctor flees home

As resentment continues to fester among villagers who have tested positive for HIV in Battambang province’s Roka commune, the family of the unlicensed doctor accused of spreading the virus has fled their home out of concern for their safety. Mr. Chrin’s daughter, Chrin Reaksa, said ...

Hay Pisey

Cambodia government spends US$7 million on HIV/AIDS drugs every year

Cambodia spent around US$7 million on drugs for people living with HIV/AIDS every year, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reports citing Cambodian media. The drug costs between US$157 and US$500 per person. ...

Bernama News Staff

HIV tragedy tops 200 in Cambodia

In a small village in Cambodia’s west, a tragic tale of  international significance has caught the local authorities off-guard. An unlicensed doctor has been charged with causing an outbreak of HIV and murder after lax practices resulted in at least 201 people contracting the potentially ...

Luke Hunt

More Than 160 Now Infected With HIV in Battambang

An official said Wednesday that more than 160 villagers have now tested positive for HIV in Battambang province’s Roka commune in an outbreak that has baffled health officials and international experts, who are now conducting a survey to determine how the virus was spread. Soeum Chhom, ...

Khy Sovuthy

Cambodian unlicensed doctor faces charges of causing mass HIV infections in village

Cambodian police on Sunday sent a village medical practitioner to court to face the charges of causing mass HIV infections after over 100 people in a remote village were infected with the virus, a local police officer said. “The unlicensed doctor confessed that he had ...

Global Post News Staff

Cambodian PM calls for calm over HIV infections

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen called for calm Thursday, saying it was not certain that an unlicensed medical practitioner is responsible for infecting 106 people, including 19 children, with HIV in Battambang province. A joint statement from Cambodia’s Health Ministry and the World Health Organization said ...

Bopha Phorn

Cambodian villagers want to kill medical practitioner who allegedly spread HIV with infected needles

Cambodian authorities have put into protective custody an unlicensed health worker who villagers are threatening to kill, believing he used contaminated needles that spread HIV to more than 100 people. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen called for calm on Thursday in Roka, a remote village in western ...

Lindsey Bever

Cambodian villagers angry over HIV outbreak

Cambodia’s prime minister appealed Thursday to villagers in northwestern Cambodia not to lynch an unlicensed medical practitioner who they suspect caused more than 100 people to become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. ...

Fox News Staff

Cambodia investigates health clinic in village HIV outbreak

Cambodian officials say they are investigating a health clinic in a small village where more than 100 people have now tested positive for HIV. Authorities say they fear the repeated use of an infected needle could be causing the devastating outbreak in northwestern Battambang province. ...

Kong Sothanarith

Number of Cambodian villagers infected with HIV/AIDS reaches 106

The number of villagers tested positive for HIV/AIDS in a remote village in the Battambang province of northwestern Cambodia has risen to 106, a local health official said Wednesday. “As of Wednesday afternoon, 775 villagers had been tested for the virus and 106 of them ...

Shanghai Daily News Staff

Cambodia village reports mass HIV/AIDS infection, likely by contaminated needles

Cambodian health authorities on Tuesday said more than 80 people – including children and the elderly – who tested positive for HIV/AIDS in a single remote village may have been infected by contaminated needles. ...

The Straits Times News Staff

Cambodia investigates village's high HIV rate

Cambodian health officials are investigating an alarmingly high rate of infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in a remote village. At least 82 people have tested positive for HIV in Rokar, Battambang province, which has a population of 2,000 people. Officials said they suspected a ...

Kong Sothanarith

82 get HIV in remote Khmer village

Cambodian health authorities on Tuesday said more than 80 people – including children and the elderly – who tested positive for HIV/AIDS in a single remote village may have been infected by contaminated needles. Hundreds of panicked residents of the village in Battambang province in the ...

Bangkok Post News Staff

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