Hun Manet: Kingdom attracts new investors

Cambodia is emerging as one of the region’s most attractive countries for new business expansion and investments, driven by political stability and high economic growth over the past two decades, according to Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) deputy commander and Royal Cambodian Army (RCA) commander ...

May Kunmakara

Workers faint in Svay Rieng shoe factory: Officials

Dozens of workers at the Kingmaker Footwear factory in Svay Rieng province fainted yesterday evening, and the authorities are baffled at what caused it, said government and union officials. ... ...

Mom Kunthear

Bavet SEZ unequipped to treat its wastewater: ministry

The Ministry of Environment said yesterday that a recently constructed water-treatment facility at the Manhattan Special Economic Zone in Svay Rieng is unable to deal with most of the polluted water generated by factories at the site, and that 70 per cent was being dumped ...

Kong Meta

Bavet workers see pay diminished after strikes

Workers at factories affected by recent garment worker strikes in the Svay Rieng province town of Bavet were paid their salaries on Saturday, suffering wage cuts that have sparked concerns about renewed protests. ... ...

Mech Dara and Charles Rollet

Bavet factories shuttered as unrest continues

More than 30,000 workers were evacuated from two special economic zones (SEZs) here Tuesday morning after police clashed with an unruly mob attempting to incite workers to join their call for higher wages. ... ...

Kang Sothear and Matt Blomberg

Massive protest over minimum wage continues in Bavet

An unruly protest in Svay Rieng province’s Bavet town entered its second day yesterday as thousands of garment workers from a number of special economic zones continued to throw stones and break windows as they demonstrated for a greater increase to the national garment industry ...

Chhay Channyda and Morn Vanntey

Six unionists arrested, released in Bavet City over incitement

Six union organizers were arrested in Svay Rieng province Wednesday while distributing letters to workers in an attempt to refute rumors that their union had taken cash in exchange for not protesting over the firing of eight of their members, according to the union and ...

Ben Sokhean

Electronics workers call for child care

About 700 workers at a Svay Rieng province electronics factory were to demonstrate for the third day today after management refused their demands for access to child care and the reinstatement of five union leaders. The provincial department of labour yesterday proved unable to sway management ...

Chhay Channyda

Workers fired after strike

Two factories in the Manhattan Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Svay Rieng province’s Bavet town have fired more than 40 workers since thousands-strong strikes ended early this month, unions say. Terminations at Best Way and Fico garment factories were bosses’ way of exacting revenge for the ...

Sen David

Garment workers end strikes in Cambodia's Bavet City

Nearly all workers in two special economic zones in Svay Rieng province ended their strikes and returned to work on Monday after failing to demand a US$50 bonus from employers, Xinhua news agency reports. Kat Lot, vice president of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, ...

Bernama News Staff

Uneasy calm in Bavet as factories ordered shut

BAVET CITY, Svay Rieng province – The government has ordered all factories here to shut down until Thursday at the earliest in a bid to keep escalating strikes from spiraling out of control and spreading nationwide. “[Provincial] Governor Chieng Am said in a meeting yesterday [Monday] ...

Zsombor Peter and Aun Pheap

Strike closes most Bavet factories

All but four garment factories in Svay Rieng province were closed yesterday, as a strike of thousands of workers there continued into its second week, a labour union official said. The strike, estimated to involve about 20,000 people across the province’s Tai Seng and Manhattan special ...

Mom Kunthear and Sean Teehan

Svay Rieng garment workers fired, suspended

Factories in Svay Rieng province’s Manhattan Special Economic Zone have fired or suspended at least 50 workers – and are pursuing legal action against some – for participating in a strike last month that saw some 30,000 walk off the job. Heads of the Collective Union ...

Mom Kunthear and Sean Teehan

Strikers fired in Svay Rieng

Factories in Svay Rieng province’s Manhattan Special Economic Zone have fired or suspended more than 200 workers – and are pursuing legal action against some – for participating in a strike last month that saw some 30,000 walk off the job. An accountant at Kingmaker (Cambodia) ...

Mom Kunthear and Sean Teehan

Cambodia: Pro-opposition's trade unions rally against low wage hike for 2014

An estimated 3,000 garment workers from various factories rallied at the capital's Freedom Park on Wednesday to protest against the low wage hike for 2014. The strike was led by pro-opposition trade unions. It happened a day after the government decided to raise a monthly minimum ...

Voice of Russia News Staff

Sam Rainsy Visits Svay Rieng’s Protesting SEZ Workers

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy on Monday visited thousands of workers from two special economic zones (SEZs) in Svay Rieng province who have been on strike over wages and working conditions since December 16. More than 25,000 workers from 36 factories in the Manhattan and Tai Seng ...

Aun Pheap and Alex Willemyns

Keep striking for $160, Rainsy urges

Ahead of today’s Ministry of Labour announcement of a minimum wage increase for Cambodia’s apparel sector, opposition leader Sam Rainsy yesterday urged striking workers in Svay Rieng province to hold out until their monthly salary is raised to $160. “[Garment] workers should not return to work ...

Mom Kunthear, Sean Teehan and James Hall

Svay Rieng Workers Strike Again, Throw Rocks

Police briefly detained 13 garment factory workers on Thursday after about 20,000 workers, some throwing rocks, continued a strike that began Monday in Svay Rieng province’s Bavet City over wages and working conditions, a union official and police said. Union leaders had on Wednesday evening agreed ...

Aun Pheap and Alex Willemyns

Garment workers told to go back to factories

About 30,000 garment workers from 40 factories in Svay Rieng province yesterday were told to return to their jobs after being sent home Monday amid fears a strike over the minimum wage would turn violent. Has Bunthy, a provincial department director at the Ministry of Labour, ...

Mom Kunthear

Glue fumes cause mass workplace faintings

Approximately 40 workers fainted at the TMI garment factory in Svay Rieng yesterday, police and workers said. Workers at the factory began feeling sick and fainting when a heavy air of glue fumes wafted into the factory as workers returned from lunch, So Navy, 23, a ...

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