Establishment of 18 natural protected areas under the management of Ministry of Environment

On 9 May 2016, Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen signed on sub-decree on the establishment of 18 natural protected areas (NPA), with a total land area of 2,674,503 hectares, to be under the management and conservation of Ministry of Environment. Prey Lang, one of the 18 protected areas, was decided to transfer from Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries to Ministry of Environment for management and conservation. In brief, the Ministry of Environment manages 41 NPA with the total land area of 5,874,503 hectares; this includes the existing 23 NPA in 1993 with the total land area of 3.2 millions hectares. To manage these areas effectively, the ministry is planning to request Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction for a registration of land in those protected areas, and manages and conserves the areas by following the “Tiger Skin” policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. 

Ministry of Environment

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