Korean tourists fuel demand for dog meat in Cambodia

Riding a motorcycle with a cage, Pov Nat scours rural areas for dogs. He pays between 30,000 ($7.38) and 80,000 riel a head and sells the animals to a butcher in Siem Reap. The 21-year-old native of Kampong Cham province began buying dogs after coming to live with his uncle in Rohal commune in Preah Nethpreach district… “Dogs bought from rural areas have good meat. The clients in Siem Reap like it but say the meat is not as delicious as dog meat raised abroad.” For now, the only obstacle to supplying Koreans with one of their favorite foods seems to be police manning checkpoints… In South Korea, where dogs are farmed, dog meat is typically prepared in a soup known as bosintang. Unlike China, where dog meat is considered a winter dish, dog in South Korea is particularly popular in the hot summer months