South Korea Will Help Restore Ancient Khmer Temple

South Korea plans to restore the ancient Khmer temple, Preah Pitou at western Baray and other temples in Siem Reap, home of a world-class tourism destination. The restoration project was announced after the meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Sok An, Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers and Mr. Par Yung Keun, Director General of Heritage Promotion Bureau, Culture heritage administration of The Republic of Korea. “Both sides will ink the agreement on the restoration project of Preah Pitu temple in the near future,” Ek Tha spokesman of Office of the Council of Ministers said…​ Ek Tha added: The Republic of Korea funded a newly built 32 km road to divert trucks from traveling across the Angkor area in order to protect the heritage sites. That road also contributes to protect the temples and avoid harmful vibrations to the temples. Dr. Sok An, who is also Minister in charge of the Office of the council of Ministers, expressed his deep thanks for the assistance from South Korea… “Cambodia is lobbying the Republic of Korea to support Cambodia for the chairmanship of the world heritage site. Cambodia wants to be chairman of the world heritage site in 2013-14 [because] it is very important for us because Cambodia has a large amount of ancient temples and world heritage sites,” Ek Tha said. Ek Tha told SEA newspaper on Thursday after the Korean officials visited Preah Petu temple that the delegation is very interested in [the] temple.