Bokor Resort to Open for Visitors for Late 2011

Mount Borkor Resort, the highest location in Cambodia, located near the coastline, will be inaugurated to welcome tourists from all destinations by the end of 2011, while the road climbing to the plateau’s peak and other tourism structures are about to be completed… So far, the site is under the development project conducted by SOKIMEX Group; the company had promised to transform this unique 5 square kilometer picturesque mountain plateau into a resort for international and local tourists alike. This US$ 1 billion development project has taken up to 15 years to conclude, including a five-star hotel, Borkor resort, Bokor Fantasyland, Bungee Jumping, Buddha Religion Land, Bokor Golf Course, Bokor Casino, Villas, and other Bokor facilities, in addition to the cool lush forest surroundings, and vegetable and fruit plantations, according to the report from the government. Besides, the company has been building a climb-up concrete road that is seven meters wide and 33 kilometers high up to the peak with a cost of US$ 20 million, taking 20 months to complete and it will be ready for use by this September. Moreover, the firm will also refurbish the top plateau’s infrastructures that have been lying in ruins.