Cambodia’s GMAC tells all factories to stop production amid strike

The Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) on Thursday asked all its members to temporarily stop production operations this week due to concerns over security and safety after thousands of workers walked out of work in protest against the 19 percent wage hike in the garment sector for 2014, according to a statement. “GMAC Executives strongly suggest all members to stop operation for a whole of this week and let the workers stay home,”said the GMAC’s statement sent to its members by an e-mail. “If the workers are working in the factories, some bad elements of the demonstrators will go around and destroy your factories gates and properties in order to force the workers out to join the demonstration to demand the wage of 160 U.S. dollars,”it said. “It is safer if there are no workers in the factories.” The statement said GMAC is working with the government on how to deal with the situation. … However, pro-government’s trade unions said that the 19 percent wage hike in the garment sector for 2014 is reasonable. “The Cambodian Council of National Unions (CCNU), which represents nearly 400,000 garment workers, welcomed the government ‘ s decision,” Som Aun, CCNU’s president, said in a statement on Wednesday. “The wage hike is in line with the current economic situation.”

Xinhuanet News Staff