Open Data Survey

As a part of the Innovations for Social Accountability in Cambodia (ISAC) project, Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is pleased to share the Open Data Survey conducted by Internews.

In 2019, Internews commissioned ITC lecturer Vamoeurn Nimol and Júlia Garcia Puig to review existing resources and conduct interviews with data practitioners. They reviewed over 100 data-sharing websites in Cambodia. They also conducted over 100 interviews of data practitioners from a wide variety of sectors: academia, civil society, IT and research sectors.

The report details that there was high demand for consumption of Open Data in Cambodia, but strong challenges for the very small number of data producers. A low level of data literacy (among consumers and producers alike) and a lack of understanding of what is needed (institutionally and technically) for a robust and functional local data ecosystem has resulted in a number of challenges for a healthy ‘Open Data Ecosystem’. The survey also notes that new projects have the potential to drive Open Data growth, and that the Cambodian government is slowly beginning to strengthen its data reporting and infrastructure.      

In addition to the Survey’s launch at the ISAC Data Literacy Workshop (February 23), there will be an additional Public Launch at Open Data Day on March 06.

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