Outcomes of the general debate during 72nd session of the United Nations general assembly and other Meetings from 19-25 September 2017, New York, USA

H.E.​ Senior​ Minister​ Prak​ Sokhonn,​ Minister​ of​ Foreign​ Affairs​ and​ International​ Cooperation​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ led​ a​ Cambodian​ delegation​ to​ attend​ the​ General​ Debate​ of​ 72nd​ Session​ of​ the​ United​ Nation​ General​ Assembly,​ under​ the​ theme:​ “Focusing​ on​ people:​ striving​ for​ peace​ and​ a​ decent​ life​ for​ all​ on​ a​ sustainable​ planet”and​ other​ meetings​ from​ 19-25​ September​ 2017​ in​ New​ York,​ United​ States​ of​ America.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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