Press​ release​ on​ the​ Grade​ 12​ examination​ result

On​ 09​ September​ 2019,​ the​ Ministry​ of​ Education,​ Youth​ and​ Sport​ issued​ a​ press​ release​ on​ the​ examination​ result​ of​ the​ Grade​ 12​ examination​ which​ happened​ on​ August​ 19-20,​ 2019.​ There​ are​ 79,052​ successful​ candidates,​ accounting​ for​ 68,62%​ (was​ only​ 67,07%​ in​ 2018).​ Among​ the​ successful​ candidates,​ 443​ students​ received​ grade​ A,​ followed​ by​ 2,430​ received​ grade​ B,​ 5,847​ received​ grade​ C,​ 14,100​ received​ grade​ D​ , and​ 56,323​ received​ grade​ E.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

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