Press​ release​ on​ the​ prioritization​ of​ road​ repair​ and​ construction,​ rainwater​ system​ amd​ sewage​ system​ in​ Preah Sihanouk​ province

On​ 04​ September​ 2019,​ the​ Ministry​ of​ Economy​ and​ Finance​ issued​ a​ press​ release​ on​ the​ outcome​ of​ the​ meeting​ between​ Economic​ and​ Financial​ Policy​ Committee​ (EFPC)​ and​ relevant​ ministries.​ The​ meeting​ outcomes​ are​ to​ (1)​ implement​ the​ work plan​ of​ restoring​ canal​ and​ existing​ sewage​ system​ in​ response​ to​ flashflood​ and​ (2)​ Repair​ roads,​ build​ rainwater​ release​ system​ and​ sewage​ system​ with​ the​ allocated​ budget​ of​ $100​ million​ from​ national​ reserved​ funds.

Ministry of Economy and Finance

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