Press​ release​ on​ the​ GovTech​ conference​ under​ the​ theme​ “Empowring​ Digital​ Transformation​ in​ the​ Public​ Sector”

On​ 24​ October​ 2023,​ at​ the​ Cambodia​ Academy​ of​ Digital​ Technology​ (CADT),​ H.E.​ Chea​ Vandeth,​ Minister​ of​ Posts​ and​ Telecommunications​ (MPT)​ and​ Chairman​ of​ the​ Digital​ Government​ Committee​ (CDC)​ presided​ over​ the​ opening​ ceremony​ of​ the​ first​ GovTech​ conference,​ under​ the​ theme​ “Empowering​ Digital​ Transformation​ in​ the Public​ Sector”​ with​ the​ participation​ of​ technical​ officers​ from​ the​ Ministry,​ institutions,​ representatives​ of​ development​ partners,​ organizations,​ associations,​ and​ the​ private​ sector,​ a​ total​ of​ about​ 200​ people.

The​ GovTech​ Conference​ 2023​ was​ aimed​ to​ 1)​ provide​ a​ platform​ for​ digital​ technical​ officers​ to​ share​ practical​ experience​ and​ case​ studies​ related​ to​ governance​ and​ digital​ technology,​ 2)​ encourage​ partnerships​ and​ identify​ shortcomings​ and​ 3)​ identify​ shortcomings​ and​ the​ opportunities​ for​ research,​ innovation,​ and​ policy​ development.

Ministry of Posts​ and​ Telecommunications​ (MPT)​

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