Recovering supply lifts car sales

Thanks to a more stable and undisturbed supply chain, sales of new cars in Cambodia have risen dramatically over the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2012. But the purchases pale in comparison to the country’s thriving second-hand market.

Kong Nuon, chairman of Toyota Cambodia, the largest car dealer in terms of market share, said that Toyota has sold slightly more than 600 units from January through June, a 50 per cent increase. Sales are on track to surpass the 800 units sold in all of 2012, and Nuon expects the final number to reach at least 1,200.

“The demand of new car brands in Cambodia grows annually, parallel with the growing Cambodian economy and the rising number of middle class families,” Nuon told the Post yesterday. “The selling volume could be higher if the supply is stable enough to match the demand.” …