Water Resources Minister Seeks Investigation Into Exported Sand

Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology Lim Kean Hor said Monday that he would seek an investigation into a $1.5-million haul of river sand exported to India in April in spite of a ban on the export of dredged sand handed down by Prime Minister Hun Sen in 2009. India’s Deccan Chronicle reported last week that about 30,000 tons of Cambodian river sand had been sitting on the docks of the southern Indian port city of Cochin for more than six months, having been repeatedly denied customs clearance since its arrival. Documents from a case at the Kerala State High Court over the quarantine of the consignment revealed a Koh Kong province river as the origin of the sand. Mr. Kean Hor said that he would like to see the export of the sand investigated but ex­plained that the Committee for Sand Resources Management within his ministry only had the power to request such an investigation and not actually carry one out. …

Hul Reaksmey