Hong Kong delegation seeks business opportunities in Cambodia

A delegation from China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are currently seeking possibilities to broaden bilateral trade and investment ties in Cambodia. The delegation comprising of business executives from 24 different firms in the financial and professional services, infrastructure and real estate, garments and textiles, telecommunications, food and chemicals are looking for more investment opportunities. … Hong Kong is Cambodia’s 6th largest trading partner and is the 5th largest source of imports for the country. Around 56 Hong Kong-owned garment and footwear factories are operating in Cambodia, employing some 35,000 workers. Bilateral trade between Cambodia and Hong Kong are valued at $879 million in 2012, a 18 percent rise year-on-year and Cambodia’s export to Hong Kong was $68 million, up 50 percent, while Hong Kong’s export to Cambodia reached $811 million, up 25 percent.