The week at the CSX August 2-8

The price of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority stock from the period of August 2 to 8 remained very stable at KHR6,500 for most of the week after a slight increase from KHR6,400 (US$1.57) to KHR6,500 (US$1.6) on August 3. Trading volumes overall were lower compared to the previous week. After the increase to KHR6,500, the prices stayed at that level until August 8, according to data from the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) website. … While the price remained fairly constant, the trading volume decreased in the second day but went up after that almost every day until the end of the week. … Due to the low trading volumes over the past month, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia and the CSX are working on adding four more trading sessions, which will mean there will be six per day. This move is expected to increase trading activity on the young exchange. … The main players of the week were Golden Fortune Securities, Acleda Securities and Cana Securities.