Interministerial Prakas 098 on setting formulas for editing on retail price of gasoline in Cambodia

On 09 March 2016 a joint declaration on “Setting formulas for editing on retail price of gasoline in Cambodia” was signed to officially implemented by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Ministry of Mines and Energy, which has been accomplished with 11 clauses. The announcement was made to allow each gas station to set its retail prices in accordance with fluctuations in the international market by applying the formula set out in the announcement. It should be highlighted that in the 5th Clause stipulates that all retail gas stations, who sell gasoline products categorized regular or premium gasoline, is sold at a price not exceeding the price determined by the formula. In cases the stations those who do not comply with the provisions of the 5th Clause, there will be a fine of maximum 4 million Riel, or the station may have closed temporarily.

Ministry of Commerce

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