ILO to name unsafe Cambodia garment factories

The ILO is preparing to name Cambodian garment factories failing to comply with local safety requirements. … The International Labour Organisation says Cambodian garment factories refusing to comply with safety requirements have one last chance before they are named and shamed. Jill Tucker, chief technical advisor for the ILO’s Better Factories Cambodia program, has told Radio Australia’s Asia Pacific some factories in the country have made no effort to comply with local labour laws. … She says the ILO is urging the Cambodian government to engage in more enforcement activities with factories refusing to comply with labour laws. “In terms of building safety, we’re strongly recommending that all factories undertake an independent assessment,” she said. … Ms Tucker says there are other health and safety concerns for Cambodia’s garment industry, including the inability of factories to keep up with the rapid growth of the sector. “It’s becoming too expensive to produce garments in China,” Ms Tucker said. “I would say that the majority of the growth in Cambodia is due to the haemorrhaging of orders outside of China.”