Joint statement between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China

At​ the​ invitation​ of​ H.E.​ Mr.​ Premier​ Li​ Keqiang​ of​ State​ Council​ of​ the​ People’s​ Republic​ of​ China,​ Prime​ Minister​ Hun​ Sen​ paid​ an​ official​ visit​ to​ People’s​ Republic​ of​ China​ from​ 13​ to​ 17​ May​ 2017.​ During​ the​ visit,​ Prime​ Minister​ Hun​ Sen​ also​ met​ H.E.Mr.​ Xi​ Jinping,​ President​ of​ the​ People’s​ Republic​ of​ China.Both​ side​ agreed​ that​ the​ Cambodia-China​ traditional​ friendship​ is​ the​ precious​ treasure​ of​ the​ two​ peoples,​ and​ needs​ further​ consolidation​ and​ promotion.​ Please​ note​ that​ 11​ agreements​ were​ made​ between​ two​ parties​ including​ highly​ valuation​ the​ cooperation​ outcomes​ of​ bilateral​ trade​ and​ investment,​ agreed​ to​ speed​ up​ the​ synergy​ of​ development​ strategies,​ fully​ implement​ the​ outline​ of​ bilateral​ cooperation​ plan​ to​ joint​ build​ the​ Silk​ Road​ Economic​ Belt​ and​ the​ 21st​ Century​ Maritime​ Silk​ Road,​ enhancing​ the​ scale​ and​ level​ of​ economic​ and​ trade​ cooperation,​ with​ an​ aim​ of​ realizing​ the​ bilateral​ trade​ volume​ to​ USD​ 6​ billion​ by​ 2020.​ The​ Chinese​ side​ is​ ready​ to​ continue​ to​ provide​ assistance​ and​ support​ Chinese​ enterprises​ to​ promote​ such​ projects​ as​ the​ Phnom​ Penh-Sihanoukville​ expressway​ and​ the​ new​ airport​ in​ Siem​ Reap,​ and​ commonly​ build​ the​ Sihanoukville​ Special​ Economic​ Zone.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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