At ASEAN energy summit, green energy and investment were in focus

In his talk at the ASEAN energy ministers meeting held in Phnom Penh last week, Prime Minister Hun Sen emphasized the need for the ten-member bloc to work together to bolster its regional energy connectivity to meet a rapidly growing demand for energy. He also stressed the importance of promoting clean energy to tackle the problem of climate change. … While green energy is believed to be more secure, reliable, and environmentally friendly, according to experts at the four-day conference, they pointed out that the hight cost of renewable energy products is hindering the sector’s expansion. While the goals of regional energy connectivity and greener technology are admirable, observers said ASEAN’s institutional framework, infrastructure, technical standards and regulatory systems are still underdeveloped and hurting implementation of those targets. … To meet its growing domestic demand, the Cambodian government continues to develop electricity generation plants using indigenous sources such as hydro-power, natural gas, coal and some renewables, and imports electricity from Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. It is working on improving its electricity transmission systems to cover more of the country.